Kafu spa invites you to relax, unwind and heal from your daily stress.
We offer various treatments that adopt traditional khmer medical care that has continued supporting the health of the people since the Angkor dynasty.
You can feel the power of the herbs grown naturally here in Cambodia.

You can try Cambodian traditional herbal sauna “Chupong”

Chupong is the herbal steam sauna that was handed down from old times as khmer medical care. Our Chupong made with local herbs and spices will ensure that your skin releases toxins and feels great, benefiting both the body and mind.

Effect of “Chupong”

The chupong can maximally exhibit the effect of natural herbs, because you can get directly herbal steam from your skin and respiratory organs to whole body. 40-50 degrees of mist sauna promote a perspiration and herbal infiltration effect warms your body and promotes metabolism. Chupong is effective for detox, skin troubles, anti-aging, cold-sensitive, insomnia, muscle fatigue and menopausal troubles. Also prevention of colds and period pains.
Our Chupong improves the disorder of a mental and physical condition and you will feel more effective in combination with our massage.